Ben B&WMy name is Ben. I am a husband and father of four children. My family and I have served in Bible translation since 2003, a journey that has brought us through assignments in Sudan, Canada, and now Nigeria.

As a translation consultant for a handul of New Testament projects, I spend my days checking the work that Nigerian translators have done in their own languages. We look through their drafts together verse by verse, doing our best to ensure they are using the right words to get the whole meaning across.

It’s not always easy. In fact, it almost never is. These are God’s words, yet in translation we must choose them. The gravity of this responsibility terrifies me, and it keeps me humble as I rely on help from the Holy Spirit for wisdom to get the job done, even when considering the smallest detail of the text.

This blog is a place for me to share some of the challenges I face in my translation work, whether they be exegetical problems in specific verses, key biblical terms, or broader theoretical issues relating to language and translation. I will also post the occasional book review as it relates to and informs my work. My hope is that as I write down some of my thoughts and as you respond and dialogue with me, we might learn from one another.

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